Sarah Yarrow | Vellum Interiors | Sydney Interior Designer and Decorator


“Alex helped me identify areas in my process to address to gain my clients’ trust and confidence. I implemented systems based on her advice to streamline the whole communication process and I now have a clear on-boarding process which outlines every communication point. All these steps have meant my clients are now consistently informed so if there’s ever an issue to be resolved, I’ve already gained their trust and they’re confident I will do everything I can to fix it. I no longer feel like I’m on the back foot and scrambling to regain my position in the relationship. I now confidently run projects knowing I’m providing a high level of service, simply because I’ve learnt the power of setting expectations and clear communication.

Aside from the Alex’s skills, she is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her calm demeanour and sense of humour made me feel at ease right away. I look forward to working with her as my business grows and evolves.”

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