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Design advice and insights from Alex, and before and after shots of our latest projects

What I’m thinking when I walk into your home for the first time

9 July, 2018

I’ve been into homes of all shapes and sizes, in all states of array and disarray. Yes, I take cues from how you live, your style, and how the home functions,  but I don’t mind if you’ve got piles of laundry on the sofa or if you haven’t updated the…
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What is full service interior design?

2 July, 2018

DEFINING “FULL-SERVICE INTERIOR DESIGN” Full-service design basically means that the interior design studio manages the bulk of the work involved in a renovation or decoration project on behalf of their client. Everything from the initial design, through to selecting the items for the space, engaging any trades, placing the orders…
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5 things Interior Designers get asked all the time

27 June, 2018

What do you actually do? Almost every time I meet someone new and tell them what I do they say something like “that must be so fun!!”. And yes, parts of my job are really fun. But it is also hard work! In a sentence, we turn virtually any residential space into something…
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3 Books That Changed How I think about Interiors

21 March, 2018

Because I do read so much, it's not often I find something that truly inspires me, and catches my attention. The 3 books listed below have all inspired me in some way, and really have changed the way I think about interiors. They've also informed my work, both for hospitality…
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Questions to ask yourself before renovating

13 March, 2018

When I was re-doing my website and branding, for example, I had no clue what it would cost! I relied on researching, talking to colleagues with similar businesses and with professionals to figure this out, then determining what I could afford to do now. I take a similar approach when…
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5 Quick Updates for your Home

28 February, 2018

IF IN DOUBT — PAINT!  Apart from flooring, wall colour has the biggest impact on the feel of a space. It can also be one of the simplest to execute — especially if you have someone around who can do it for you!. When you re-paint a room, it can…
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Before & After – Collaroy

26 February, 2018

Built in the mid-90s, the 3 bathrooms and laundry of this classic beach house hadn’t been touched since then. The main brief from the clients was to freshen up the spaces, while making sure they still made sense within the rest of the house, which wasn't being changed. The clients…
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How to Prepare for a Renovation

12 February, 2018

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT What is it that you want to achieve? You don’t need to have the answer for exactly what the end product will look like, but even things like — we want more storage in the bathroom, we want to fit a second car in the garage,…
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3 Benefits of Working With An Interior Designer

1 February, 2018

THEY WILL GET YOUR PROJECT DONE! What I think is the key benefit of hiring a professional interior designer (i.e not a school mum that collects House & Garden magazine) is just that — they’re a professional and they will finish that project you’ve been dreaming of for so long.…
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How to get the most out of working with an interior designer

24 January, 2018

  Find someone you like There’s nothing more satisfying than when my client and I have respect for one another, are on the same page, and genuinely get along! A project takes at least a few months to complete, so find someone you connect with, trust, and can be honest…
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