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Do you need an interior designer if you've already got a builder?

Do you need an interior designer if you’ve already got a builder?

19 September, 2020

  Do you need an interior designer if you've already got a builder? The short answer? Yes (in most instances).   In my experience, the most successful, efficient and smooth projects — whether that be a website design, a wedding or a renovation — are the result of a talented…
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A bright, light and contemporary living room in a Californian Bungalow in Sydney, designed by Vellum Interiors

Before & After — Shirley Rd Interior Design Project

10 August, 2020

Before & After Interior Design Project — These clients came to me as they were approaching retirement, and wanted to maximise their time spent at home with rooms they could make better use of. Having spent many years in this house, they'd also begun to accumulate furniture and artwork from other…
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FAQ: What is my interior design style?

13 January, 2020

FAQ: What is your interior design style? Some interior design studios are known for providing the same look or aesthetic for each client. There are many in-demand designers who do this, in fact. Take a look at Amber Interiors or Studio McGee in the US or The Stables here in…
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Why Details Make a Difference in an Interior Design Project

6 January, 2020

Why Details Make a Difference in an Interior Design Project Often it's the smallest details that bring me the most joy in a project. And they also add meaning and depth to my clients' relationship with their home. One way I like to add meaning to my client's homes is…
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Latest Work: Manly Beach House

18 November, 2019

At the tail-end of a long renovation, these clients -- a couple with four children -- came to me to help with the final layer for their home in Manly.  Although I live around the corner, this was the first time I'd completed an interior design project in Manly! Both…
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How to tackle any size renovation

How to Tackle Any Size Renovation

2 September, 2019

When it comes to tackling any renovation, people often talk about how long and drawn out renovations can be, and, yes -- it does take time and can be stressful. But like most things in life, the better prepared you are, the better the outcome. My advice is to have…
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What you should ask an interior designer before you hire them

3 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before you Hire Them

24 June, 2019

Many of my clients have confessed that they were nervous before hiring me. They were worried that the result would be more “me” than them. Some clients haven’t worked with a designer before (or it’s been a long time since they have), so they were worried about bills going on…
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How to agree with your other half on the style of your home

How to Agree With Your Partner on the Style of Your Home

12 June, 2019

  This is a really common ‘problem’ clients come to me with. The couple have agreed they’re going to make some pretty big updates to their home, but they can’t agree on much else! This can be incredibly frustrating and can lead to no decisions being made at all. One…
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5 Steps to Planning a Successful Renovation (or Decoration!)

4 June, 2019

  How to plan a renovation or decoration: Whether you’re a DIY’er planning to undertake the design and project management yourself, or if your pulling in experts (like us!), having an overall plan for your renovation or decoration, with your thoughts organised, will keep you on track! This system can…
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How much does an interior designer cost?

27 May, 2019

How much does an interior designer cost? There is no black and white answer to this question, as the cost is dependent on what you need a designer to do for you, along with a few other factors.    In this post, I'll aim to give you some guidance around…
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