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We design homes with soul, that are sophisticated, yet low-key, to suit our clients’ lifestyle.

Along with this, we pride ourselves on providing a high-end experience and impeccable service. We get it done, down to the smallest (and the most annoying) details.

Founded in 2016 by Alexandra Gourlay-Craig, Vellum Interiors provides interior design and decoration services to homeowners who appreciate impeccable service along Sydney’s coastline and beyond. In the few short years since its establishment, the studio has been featured multiple times in some of the country’s top design magazines and online publications.

Vellum Interiors was created out of a passion for connecting people with the places they live. We firmly believe that a thoughtfully-designed home, that you feel connected to on every level, enriches every part of life. The feedback we receive from our clients has confirmed this, time and again.

A key part of our success — and why we’ve created such genuine, long-standing relationships with our clients — has been the structured nature of how we run a project. We are organised, streamlined and efficient in our approach, and ensure our clients feel confident in our ability to not simply design a beautiful house, but execute it skillfully, down to the smallest detail.

We work with homeowners who appreciate good design, and are looking for someone to push their vision of their home into something better than they ever could have imagined.

Alex is the Founder and Head Designer at Vellum Interiors.

After years of working in large, global companies, a fateful visit to a museum helped Alex realise that her true passion had always been for houses. In particular, Alex realised she was especially interested in the connection we have with our home environments, and how that affects our everyday lives, memories and experiences. This led her to create Vellum Interiors.

Alex’s key goal in every project is to create a home that feels genuine to her clients. Whether it be through the colours used on the walls or the way the kitchen is designed, the end result of one of Alex’s projects illustrates a true expression of the homeowners’ personalities and experiences.

She credits her ability to achieve this to her sixth-sense in really “getting” who you are, quickly, and translating that to your home.

Because of this approach, there is not one singular “look” that Alex’s work embodies — no matter what style she is asked to create, each space she designs feels joyful, beautiful, and with a sense of calm.

Alex lives by the ocean with her partner, and loves being surrounded by the natural beauty of Sydney’s beaches and harbour.

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