Vellum Interiors is a full-service interior design studio in Sydney, led by Alexandra (Alex) Gourlay.

Specialising in residential interiors, we create beautiful, feel-good homes. Our design philosophy honours the character of the houses and the families we work with, with a focus on simplicity and laid-back sophistication. We are especially passionate about homes by the water, and the unique lifestyle that gives to our clients.

We appreciate that renovating and decorating can be daunting, so we guide clients through a highly-personalised and enjoyable experience to create their dream home. We take on a low volume of work, so that each client is given great care and attention, and our step-by-step process includes finishing each space down to the last detail, including artwork and styling.

If you need help to create your dream home, get in touch to arrange a consultation or to view more about our services.

My role as a designer is to read between the lines of your life, to understand how your family lives — and wants to live — and communicate that through your space.

I believe that our living spaces impact our emotional world greatly. Having worked in high-stress environments in the past, I really appreciate the importance of a home that provides a retreat from the everyday. I find it very fulfilling to create this for others.

The spaces I design are inspired by the lives of my clients, combined with my love of colour and the Australian landscape. I love to take cues from the architecture and surroundings of a house, to elevate it and add depth to its character. My background in client services informs my approach, and I take pride in making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

I live in by the ocean, and love being surrounded by the natural beauty of Sydney’s beaches and harbour.