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How to get the best out of working with an architect and interior designer

We often work on projects where the scale of the job requires more than just an interior designer. While we can handle projects where the ‘envelope’ of the house doesn’t change — think kitchens, bathrooms, furnishing, or even adding joinery or fireplaces — larger projects often require an architect as well.

For larger scale projects, (alterations and additions, new builds and anything that requires a DA), we love working with architects, because their expertise brings another layer of skill, experience and creativity to a project. As long as both parties are open to working with each other, respect each others areas of expertise, and are working towards the same goals, having both an architect and interior designer on board can really bring the magic out in a project, and will give you something better than you ever could have imagined.

From my experience, here are my top tips on getting the most out of your architect and interior designer –

  1. Bring us on early

Involve both your architect and interior designer as early as possible in a project. By bringing us onboard early, we’re able to have a super clear understanding of your vision, goals, and requirements, allowing us to brainstorm and integrate our ideas from the start.


2. Open up communication between the teams

Communication is key to any successful collaboration. When we work on projects with an architect, we will request to be introduced to them as early as possible, then as we work through the design, we’ll have regular meetings and open dialogue with them. This allows us to exchange ideas, share insights, and address any potential conflicts or challenges proactively, and come up with solutions to present to you.


3. Define clear roles and responsibilities for each 

For the architect and interior design teams to work together seamlessly, it’s really important to clarify each professional’s roles and responsibilities upfront. In our experience, the architect will focus on the structural aspects of the design, approvals and designing the envelope or exterior, and some interior spatial planning, while we specialise in the nitty-gritty space planning of each room, creating a cohesive style for the interiors, selecting finishes and fittings, designing joinery and selecting furniture and decorative lighting. See more on how we work with your architect here. By defining clear boundaries and expectations, you avoid any stepping on any toes and ensure a smooth process.


A collaborative, friendly relationship between your architect and interior designer can really help to unlock the full potential of your home. When architects and interior designers unite their talents (with no egos involved!) the possibilities are endless and exciting! 

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