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Why Details Make a Difference in an Interior Design Project

The little details in your interiors can impact the relationship you and your family have with your home. 

Why Details Make a Difference in an Interior Design Project

Often it’s the smallest details that bring me the most joy in a project. And they also add meaning and depth to my clients’ relationship with their home. One way I like to add meaning to my client’s homes is to source items with a story behind them. For me to do this, I make sure I’m up-to-date with the huge variety of items available from different suppliers and stores. I keep informed about the materials and production process each supplier uses, and always prefer items which are made to the highest standards.

A wall light against Ralph Lauren seagrass wallpaper, with decorative books, a vase and crystal featured in this interior design project by Alex Gourlay of Vellum Interiors in Manly, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

The wall light is from Apparatus Studio, and is hand-assembled in their New York workshop

In the image above, the wall light from Apparatus Studio is not only beautiful, but is also designed and made in New York. I was lucky enough to visit their workshop in Manhattan not long ago. I could see how much care and attention goes into each hand-assembled piece. Apparatus is known for their incredibly unique designs, craftsmanship and the high quality of materials that goes into each light.


In our world of mass consumerism and fast fashion /furniture  it’s so refreshing to see companies placing emphasis on better, not quicker or cheaper. And with more and more clients  becoming conscious of the impact that our purchases have on our world, it’s rewarding for me to be able to place something in their home that reflects their values, as well.

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