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13 January, 2020

FAQ: What is my interior design style?

Something I get asked from time to time is whether I have a particular interior design style that I employ across all my interior design projects. And while I certainly have design preferences, I design to what my client and their property needs, rather than to a certain “look”. 

FAQ: What is your interior design style?

Some interior design studios are known for providing the same look or aesthetic for each client. There are many in-demand designers who do this, in fact. Take a look at Amber Interiors or Studio McGee in the US or The Stables here in Aus for an example. Each of those firms uses their “signature look” for each home they work on. And people come to them for that look.


When it comes to Vellum Interiors, I am motivated to give my clients something that feels like “them“. So, while I have particular design preferences (you probably won’t ever see me do an all-white house for example), my inspiration for my design work comes from getting to know my clients and their home intimately. So I don’t have a certain interior design style I work to. I have become known for creating homes that are beautiful and sophisticated yet low-key and relaxed to suit the Australian lifestyle. This is the lens I view my design work through, but what that looks like is different for each client project. You’ll see this just from looking at my past projects


Designing with clients (rather than a look) at the centre also means I don’t design to interiors trends. Although I really like some trends, they don’t feel 100% genuine to me and my clients’ homes. Being ‘in vogue’ now also means they also won’t stand the test of time. (Although bizarrely, we’re now seeing some trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s coming back. Not too much mission brown just yet, thank god!).


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