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What can an interior designer can help you with?

If you’re confused about what an interior designer, versus an architect or interior stylist can offer you — you’re not alone! The industry doesn’t have clear cut definitions, and often what one interior designer/architect/stylist/decorator can offer is vastly different to another.


So — what can an interior designer help you with? In general, an interior designer offers you a professional view on making spaces the most functional and beautiful they can be, to enhance your lifestyle and live how you want to live. Designers have access to a whole world of manufacturers and trades who supply exclusively to the industry. This means you’ll often end up with a superior, more unique result than doing it alone.

In the below lists, I’ve attempted to detail out all the capabilities of an interior designer, and what we can help you with. This list is what Vellum Interiors offers — other designers may differ.



If you just don’t know where to begin in with your interiors, engaging an interior designer  can help a lot. We can create an overall concept and strategy, including colour palettes and a look and feel guide.

Interior designers can also work in collaboration with your architect or landscape architect to ensure all elements are cohesive and working together.



Kitchen design

Designers are trained to plan functional kitchens that create the best workflow for how you personally use your kitchen. Unlike many kitchen design companies, we are equipped to create something very bespoke, beautiful and creative, using our vast knowledge of finishes and materials, as well as joinery design. Designers can also help to select appliances.

Bathroom and laundry design

Similar to kitchen design, designers can help to create the ideal bathroom and laundry for you, to suit your lifestyle. We will find a spot for that bidet or double shower head if that’s what you’re after!

Designers are also experienced in spatial layout, and we’re aware of standards such as the minimum space required for a shower, or the standard height and depth for a vanity. An interior designer will also source fittings, again from a vast number of trade-only resources that even builders don’t get access to.

Joinery design

An interior designer can design bespoke pieces of furniture or cabinetry for you, including bookshelves, bedheads and bedside tables, or a built-in study desk area.

Space and furniture layouts

A designer can create spatial plans to maximise flow and functionality for how you live. We include things like to-scale furniture, and practical spots for power points or charging stations.

Sourcing and selecting

Designers can source and select the perfect finishes and materials for your renovation, such as tiles, natural stone, timber, veneers, paint colours and grout.


Designers are trained and experienced in creating practical lighting plans for your home, as well as sourcing light fittings that provide the best function and atmosphere in each space.



Furniture and Soft Furnishings

Furniture plans

Similar to the above, we can reconfigure your furniture layout, including determining the best scale and size of furniture to best suit each room. We consider flow through and to each room, and can also create a furniture plan for you to work in some of your existing furniture items, to create a new look and feel.

Window treatments

Designers can make suggestions on the best window treatments for your space, including selecting curtain fabrics

Fabric Selections

Designers select and source fabrics for custom furniture pieces, window treatments and cushions from the vast range of fabric suppliers available only to designers


We can determine the best size and colours for rugs, and then source and select the best one for the space, in your price range

Styling pieces and art

Designers can source any accessories you need to finish off your space, like cushions, vases, bed linen, and even coffee table books. We also have many contacts in the gallery and art world and are able to help select artworks to complement the interiors. 


Design Management

This is a biggie, and one of the things our clients value most.

Some interior design studios (this one included) offer project coordination — what we call ‘design management’.  We act as your advocate from start to finish in creating your home, and coordinate the process of design, renovation, furniture installation and styling.

From helping to determine your overall plans and dreams, we design the spaces, engage all the different trades, services and suppliers required to execute those plans. We’ll then act on your behalf throughout the execution. This means having any tricky conversations with trades and builders, coordinating the renovation with our trade partners, coordinating furniture purchases and deliveries, then installing all the finishing touches. Your space is then completely finished and ready for you to enjoy, without worrying about anything!


What an interior designer can’t help you with

Equally as important is what an interior designer won’t be able to help you with. The main thing to keep in mind here is that we are not magicians. A designer will recommend the best design, colours, furniture and furnishings for you, but only within the parameters of what is presented to us. If you want a 3 x 3m island in the middle of your kitchen, for example, and you live in a studio apartment, and you also want a double-door fridge, it most cases, it simply won’t fit! If you work well together, an interior designer can really enhance your home and your life, but only to a point! Keep in mind what is physically achieve-able, and with a bit of imagination, you’ll get a great result.


I hope this has made it clearer what an interior designer can help you with. If you have any questions, or if like some help yourself, I’d love to hear from you.

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