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Vellum Interiors is a Finalist in the Dulux Colour Awards!

Vellum Interiors has been named a Finalist in the 2019 Dulux Colour Awards for our Queens Park project!

Since my love of colour is the reason I became interested in interiors in the first place, this seems very fitting! I’m very honoured to be named among some of Australia’s top interiors firms. We are a Finalist in the Residential Interior category, and you can see the rest of the Finalists here.


What are the Dulux Colour Awards?

The Dulux Colour Awards are open to interior design and architectural projects that have used Dulux colours. The awards celebrate the use of colour in residential and commercial spaces. This year there was a record-breaking number of entrants, up by about a third from last year, and there are so many inspiring, creative and innovative examples of using colour as a key element. And this doesn’t just mean full-on, bright colours either, neutrals hold as much importance here — they are colours after all.  


Our Entry

Submissions are judged on the rationale behind how and why the particular Dulux colours were selected. Our entry centred around the journey through the house, and the mood created by colour. So, why did I use those particular colours? Here’s an extract from our submission:


“The brief from the clients for this 5-bed Federation home was to add warmth, character and functionality to the front section of the house.

Colour played an essential role in delivering this, and the selections were made to define each room’s function and feel, and to create a journey through the spaces. The paint colours also helped to create the warm, friendly mood intended, and to pay homage to the heritage of the home.

The journey from the front door to the sitting room begins with soft greys and pinks, to give an inviting and relaxed welcome. The hallway opens up to the dining room, where the intention was to create a more vibrant, energetic mood, conducive to long, lively evenings spent around the dining table. ‘Milky Spearmint’ was selected to achieve this, and as the mid-way point, tonally and in hue, between ‘Tranquil Retreat’ in the hallway and ‘Knight of the Realm’ in the sitting room.

The surprising result for the clients has been more usable space, despite the use of darker colours and the construction of a dividing wall. The house has been completely transformed through a clever use of colour.”


See the rest of the project images here, or you can see how the place was transformed in the before and after pics. 

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