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What I’m thinking when I walk into your home for the first time

One thing I’ve heard from people thinking about engaging an interior designer professional is that they’re afraid of what the designer will think of their home. They’re embarrassed or ashamed about how they live and what I’ll think about the current decor or how messy it is. I want to take a moment to let you know that — no matter what state your house is in — I’m not judging. Promise!

I’ve been into homes of all shapes and sizes, in all states of array and disarray. Yes, I take cues from how you live, your style, and how the home functions,  but I don’t mind if you’ve got piles of laundry on the sofa or if you haven’t updated the furniture since 1985. (I will draw the line at hoarding, only because I can’t actually see the home behind the stuff!). I’m in your home to work and to give you as much help, value and service as I possible can, to improve your home and how you live.

When I walk into a new client’s home, my eyes do dart around as I take everything in, but there’s absolutely no criticism at what I see. Actually I don’t have the energy for that, because I’m completely focused on what your home could be, not what it is right now. I’m visualising and imagining what’s possible to bring out the best in the architecture, and to help you live in your space in the best possible way. My role is (as much as possible) to get rid of any of those things that annoy you or slow you down each day — the kitchen that has a bad flow, the bathroom without proper storage, and the living room you can’t enjoy because there’s not the appropriate furniture in there.

I absolutely love imagining the potential of a space, and the potential for how your life will change when it’s complete — actually that’s probably my favourite part of my job! If you’d like me to re-imagine what’s possible for your space, I’d love to hear from you!

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