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3 Benefits of Working With An Interior Designer

I know that working with an interior designer isn’t for everyone. You want to make sure your project is large enough (e.g. hiring a designer to help select one light fitting probably won’t be value for money), and also that you have the time to make key decisions and give your designer a proper brief. Hiring any professional is generally not a cheap exercise, so if you are on a super-tight budget, it may be worth using free resources like blogs and Pinterest to help you.

If, like many of our clients, you don’t have the time (or want!) to manage your own renovation or decorating project, an interior designer will be a saving grace! There are obviously endless benefits of hiring a design professional (no bias here!), but I’ve drilled it down to 3 key benefits:


What I think is the key benefit of hiring a professional interior designer (i.e not a school mum that collects House & Garden magazine) is just that — they’re a professional and they will finish that project you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Designers offer a trained eye to bring your vision to life, and because they do this full-time, they will be much more efficient than you can be on your own. Clients have often come to us because they’re overwhelmed with their own ideas (or Pinterest boards!) and we’ve been able to help them distil their ideas into something cohesive, and then execute on that.

Designers’ access to trade-only resources, like furniture suppliers and trades people means your project will be finished sooner and to a higher level of quality than you can achieve on your own.

One of the biggest roles of an interior designer is to keep a project moving and to get it 100% completed (including any little issues at the end), so that your home can become a relaxing, happy space for you.



Designers live and breathe interiors, constantly looking at new products and showrooms and the latest trends from overseas. Because of this, (and if you let us push you out of your comfort zone a little) we are often able to create something you aren’t able to on your own.

If you have the time and inclination, you could likely put together something inspired by a Pinterest or Houzz image. Where a designer adds value, though, is when you’re after something that doesn’t just look like Sue across the street, and something that will serve the way you and your family live, for now and into the future.



A large part of an interior designer’s job is managing the unglamorous parts of getting your project completed. Design studios that offer full-service design (like us!) will manage all the details of your project, including engaging trades, purchasing all the items on your behalf, tracking the deliveries and co-ordinating installation. In a renovation, they will also work with the builder to make sure the approved designs are being followed exactly, so there are no surprises. We’ll also make all the small decisions (like the trim on a cushion, for example) and present them to you, so you don’t get overwhelmed with choices.


Designers can also style your space with details like artwork and homewares, so at the end of the project you have a 100% completed space that you can enjoy straight away.

If you’re convinced about the benefits of hiring an interior design professional feel free to get in touch to book a consultation! (and if you need any more reasons to hire one, give us a call — we have plenty more!)

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